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Simple Trainer is completely compatible with the EVE-Online Empyrean Age 1.1.2 patch released on October 1, 2008.

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EVE Online Unofficial Macro Miner and Skill Trainer

Unexpected Outage

We had an outage this morning around 1030 UTC due to our host. This might have inconvenienced some of our users and we apologize for this outage. I encourage all our users to subsribe to our blog to stay updated on any important announcements.

False Trojan Announcement from CCP

EVE Online recently posted an announcement about a Trojan warning. This announcement was incorrect and it read:

Third party skill training macro contains a Trojan
reported by: CCP Wrangler | 2008.09.26 15:25:51

A number of player have recently received an advertisement for a skill training macro, this macro is sent by Gold Harvest Macro Solutions who claims that the macro will let you create a skill training plan and have your character automatically train your skills. This macro has been tested and it contains a Trojan, so make sure you do not download any software from these people.

If you downloaded the program, make sure that you run a complete scan of your system and then change all your passwords!

This Trojan warning is a “false positive” virus warning that may occur while installing or using our software. This warning is caused by a file handler known as "upx.exe" which is used to compress files for the programming language, Autohotkey. This is a problem with the detection of the virus scanners and not the program itself. The macro is completely safe and does not store or use your information in any way.

This warning can appear in many ways such as "Trojan-Spy.Win32.Agent.cya" with Kasperspy or a more generic virus warning if you are using AVG. We ask that you to contact your anti virus provider and report these false warnings so they will no longer appear.

If you would rather not store your account information on the computer then we suggest you use the manual login feature of Simple Trainer. By using this feature, you are prompted to login with your username and password manually, while the script is PAUSED. After you have entered your information and begun to login you must UNPAUSE the macro, preventing the need to store any information. As stated before, we develop our products to benefit the EVE-Online community and we have no desire or even method of retrieving your personal information. Please feel free to contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want to discuss this further, or you can visit the support thread below for more information on the error. has also given us a 100% clean and safe to install award shown below. Thanks for taking your time to let me sort this situation out.

Support Thread

Download Simple Trainer - EVE Online 1.0

Thanks for your time,

Andrew Carle

And the Gold Harvest Development Team


Thank you for visiting Gold Harvest Macro Solutions, home of the Unofficial EVE Online Simple Miner automated mining macro and Simple Trainer automated skill training macro. Gold Harvest Macro Solutions prides itself on providing highly advanced, easy to use, and fully undetectable computer macro bots as well as a selection of sponsored products available on our Links page.

Our macro programs are completely safe to use and and perform at very high efficiency levels. Simple Miner and Simple Trainer both use advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) during operation, which allows them to detect what is occuring within the game and react in a natural and human like manner. Our macros can detect the onset of downtime, client disconnects, windows that may appear in-game and so much more. They are able to read all of the important information on the screen that is needed for a successful mining run, including the amount of shields and armor left on your ship, the amount of ore in your cargo hold and even the time left on your skill in training.

We invite you to browse the About section of this website, where you will find a full overview of our amazing macro products. You can also head directly to our download page for a trial version of our software. If you would like to learn even more, you should register on the site before visiting our extensive knowledge base or our great community forums. When it comes to macros, the choice is Simple.

Download Simple Trainer - EVE Online 1.0

EVE Online is property of its respective owner, CCP who are in no way affiliated with this site or its products.

EVE-Mon is property of its respective owner and is in no way affiliated with this site.

No matter how reliable the macro is, we cannot promise the safety of your account and you use this product at your own risk to other players and GM detection. Use safely.


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